Tried & True Gray & White Paints

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It's no shock that gray and white are the new trend in paint color. Unlike other trends however, I feel strongly this one is here to stay! It's a timeless color palette that allows for even the most inexperienced designer/DIYer to have a successful end result. However, figuring out the exact shade of gray and white paint can be a challenge. So let me help you!

In This Package You Will Learn the Following

  • Define & understand "Paint Lingo"

  • Difference between cool & warm paint colors

  • My tried and true whites and gray paints (product brand and color names)

  • Tips on how to test the paint colors before committing

  • Breakdown on paint finish and it's proper applications

  • Paint brands & resources

  • Color palette resources and inspiration

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Download the package from the deliverable tab and enjoy!

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May your life be filled with creativity & passion

-Laura Thurman