Complete Room Design (Large)

$1900 USD

Level of difficulty

  • 1build
  • 2build
  • 3build

Price range of products

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This package is for a complete (large) room re-design. Everything from space planning, paint colors, window treatments, furniture, art & accessories will be selected. If you're tired of your space and are ready to start fresh this is the choice for you! Ideal rooms would be living room, master bedroom, kitchen, bonus room etc...

Packages Include

  • Essence Board aka (mood board)

  • Floor plan (if necessary)

  • 2D Graphic representation of the room design

  • Product shopping list/ Or I order for you

  • 1 round of design revisions

The Process

  1. Select Purchase from this package and complete the payment information. You'll be automatically set-up in our online studio.

  2. Download the Client Prep Guide and begin completing the sections that apply to your project.

  3. Within 1-2 business days, we'll connect and introduce you to the E-Design word. This Initial Interior Design Consultation with you will be over the phone (if possible). All other communication will be via this web system.

  4. Begin gathering images of your current space as well as your inspirational images. I encourage you to pull from various disciplines; Interior Design, Architecture, Fashion, Food etc. You'll be able to upload them later or copy them directly from your Pinterest board.

  5. In the next couple of days upload your completed Client Prep Guide into the Measures section. We suggest compressing your PDF file if possible before uploading.

  6. 1-2 days later I will upload your mood board, once you approve the design direction our team will being sourcing and designing your space in full.

  7. The final design package will be uploaded for your review within 1 week. 1 round of revision is allowed, beyond that there will be an additional feee.

  8. Refrain from purchasing anything on your own until the design process is complete. You may end up tapping into the project budget or purchasing something that does not flow well in the space.

Timeline for project completion desponds on how prompt you are to completing the Client Prep Guide, responding to deliverable we send and our office's current work flow. We aim to have projects completed within in a 3 week time frame.

Terms & Conditions

By purchasing this package you are agreeing to receiving an electronic design package. You acknowledge that after the initial phone consultation the rest of communication is via this website during 9:00-4:00pm central time zone. Price includes 5% federal tax (G.S.T.) Payments are non-refundable and non-transferable.

May your life be filled with creativity & passion

-Laura Thurman